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Band Fee is the way in which the band budget is fairly distributed among all band students, so that all of the band’s financial obligations can be met. Each student’s Band Fee is calculated by dividing the overall band budget by the number of students in that program.

PCHS Band program has expenses which, at a minimum, is $37,000 for the 2017-2018 school year. These include sheet music, uniform maintenance, travel and registration for competitions, band camp, leadership camps, travel and registration in annual Music Performance Assessments (MPAs), instrument repairs and replacement, and other expenses that are not paid for by the school district.

The PCHS band received approx. $900 from the school district to underwrite the entire program. To help cover these costs, ALL PCHS Band (Marching, Concert, Symphonic, Jazz, Wind Orchestra, Color Guard) families and Band Boosters Board are expected to help raise funds.

Band Fee Fundraisers for 2017-2018 school year (proposed)
Ad booklet, Fall Candy Sale, Car Washes,Pride & Pasta Dinner, BBQ ticket sale, Vacation Ticket for Cancer, Fall Brochure

Frequently asked questions(updated regularly)

How did you come up with $250 for the Band Fee amount? $37,000(minimum budget) divided by 100 band students in the entire program. (37000/100) = $370 per student. Mr. Lopez and Board Members had a meeting and decided $370 per student was too high. So we decided $250 would be a "fair" amount per student. The other funds needed would be raised by "general fund" fundraisers.

What is the discount for paying early? If you pay the band fee by September 1, you will receive a $25 discount on the band fee.($225). This DOES NOT exempt you from fundraising. Your band fee fundraisers will still apply to your account. You may use them for fees that are not covered by your band fee. Remember ALL fundraising goes to ALL students.

How does Band Fee work with fundraising?
The Band Fee amount is amount of the PROFIT (amount raised minus expenses) generated from the fundraiser.
If a student sold 8 boxes of candy, sold at $60/box. The band received 50% ($30) from each box of candy. Since there were no expenses involved, the student received $240 toward Band Fee.

My son sold Ads for the booklet. Why didn't he get credit toward Band Fee? 
The short answer: We made no profit on the ad booklet. The amount raised minus expenses(printing, photography, design) = 0. We essentially broke even on this fundraiser.

My son participated in car washes during the summer. Why didn't he get credit toward Band Fee?
Car washes are "general fund" fundraisers.

My daughter sold candy and participated in car washes and goes over her Band Fee for this school year does the excess roll over to the next school years Band Fee? The short answer is No, the "excess" does not roll over to the next school years. Why? The Band Fee amount of $250 is actually less than the $370 needed to cover the costs per student. The "excess" will go to the general fund. Remember, ALL students will benefit from ALL fundraising.