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Highlights from Band Parent Meeting

(Tuesday, September 28, 2017 @6:45pm in the Band Room)

New President of the PCHS Band Boosters, Inc: Joe Gaudette

New Board members introduced.

Football game changed to THURSDAY (9/28)! If you would like to volunteer, please be at the school by 5pm for setup.

Marching Band Competitions

Air Show: Information about the Florida Air Show was distributed. The Airshow dates are Saturday, October 14th & Sunday, October 15th. The Airshow activities include a 5K RUN on Saturday morning. We need @50 Band students & parents to volunteer on Saturday & Sunday for the air show. We may have an opportunity to work for the 5K Run also. This is a separate organization from the air show committee.  Board members will meet with a vendor on Thursday 9/28 to work out the details including the schedule. The air show info will be sent out to the band families after this meeting.

Band Fee: Hurricane Irma caught us all off guard financially! We certainly don't want you to worry. As Mr. Lopez announced…if you participated in the September fundraisers, you are still eligible for the Band Fee Discount ($25.00 off). If paying according to the schedule, the remainder of the payments are due the 21st of the month instead of the 1st!  

Please communicate with Marianne (941)286-3722 or Mr. Lopez if you are having difficulty. This information is confidential and will only be shared with Mr. Lopez. No child left behind in the PCHS Band program! We can work it out!

Charms: Charms is the website we use to keep track of the students accounts and information. We also use Charms to send out text and email notifications. Please make sure your information is correct in Charms. Charms statements were available. We handed out the paper statement to parents who attended the meeting. See Marianne for explanation, discrepancies or instructions about Charms.

Calendar: Calendar is updated. If you would like to have the band calendar added to your phone calendar, see Marianne. It’s easy but every phone is different.

Tervis Tumbler Fundraiser: 29 students participated in this fundraiser. This fundraiser was a Student Band Fee fundraiser. The students received 40% of the amount they sold.

North Carolina Getaway Vacation Tickets: They are due Thursday - 9/28/2017. Return any tickets OR email prideofpcband@gmail.com if you don’t intend to sell the tickets. We will remove them from the student’s charms account.

Band Photos: Wind Orchestra & Symphonic (Concert) Band photos will be taken on October 3rd. Marching Band individual photos can be taken but they must have their order form and money in hand at the photo session. The individual photos will be taken after the concert bands. The order form is available on the website. www.prideofpc.com under Parents/Board Info.

Band Parent T-shirts are now available for $20!Order thru Charms or Send your size(s) & money to school in an envelope!

Volunteer badges: Please see Ms. Charlene or Marianne for the volunteer badges. They are kept in the uniform room. You have the option to take it home or leave it the uniform room.